Synthetic Slate/Shake


Synthetic roofing slates/shakes offers the look of natural slate without the associated cost. They are 1/3 to ½ the weight of natural slate requiring no additional support. EcoStar’s Seneca Shake and Empire Shake offer the beauty of hand split cedar shakes without the weaving of underlayment, or the culling of waste material. All EcoStar tile products are easily cut with hand tools and installed with standard roofing practices. Empire Slate offers the added benefit of energy savings through use of cool roof colors. Partner with EcoStar in the Gold Star Applicator program to offer
your customers 50 year Limited Labor and Material Warranty coverage.


Synthetic roofing materials are the environmentally responsible choice for your home or property. EcoStar tiles are manufactured with a material made of up to 80% recycled post-industrial rubber and plastic. Your decision to use EcoStar products assists in the diversion of millions of pounds of scrap rubber and plastic from landfills annually. By using recycled materials, EcoStar tiles aid in the preservation of natural resources.