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Elevate Your Business with Professional Siding Installation

Are you ready to take your establishment to the next level? It’s time to think beyond the interior and focus on what truly sets the tone for your business: the exterior. When it comes to upgrading your building, don’t overlook the importance of quality siding installation. Let’s delve into why

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Roof Insulation Explained: Asphalt Shingles, Metal, or Tile?

Are you ready to embark on a journey through the intricate world of roof insulation? Selecting the right insulation is crucial for your home’s comfort, energy efficiency, and longevity. Whether you’re planning a new construction project or contemplating a roof replacement, this decision holds paramount importance. Today, we’ll delve deep

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Unlocking Success: Your Waynesboro Commercial Roofers Guide

Are you in need of reliable commercial roofers in Waynesboro? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of commercial roofing and explore how Bonded Applicators can be your go-to solution for all your roofing needs. From signs indicating the need for a new roof to

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Industrial Roof Repair: Signs, Replacement, and Prevention

Your roof might not be the first thing on your mind, but it plays a critical role in protecting your investment. Neglecting your commercial roof can lead to costly problems down the road. In this blog, we’re diving straight into the world of industrial roof repair, discussing the signs of

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Your Waynesboro, PA Commercial Roofers

Are you in Waynesboro, PA, and in need of top-notch commercial roofers who can handle your roofing projects with precision and professionalism? Look no further! In this blog, we’re about to dive into the world of Bonded Applicators, a roofing company that stands out for its exceptional craftsmanship, dedication, and

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Warning Signs of Roof Failure

Look for…

  1. Shingles that curl on ends.
  2. Shingles that show signs of buckling
  3. Shingles that are missing altogether.
  4. Roof debris in gutters and yard.
  5. Excessive amounts of granules in your gutters.
  6. Frequent roof damage due to winds.
  7. Leaking at roof penetrations, vent pipes, and skylights.
  8. Signs of leaks at wall-ties and chimneys.
  9. Loose metal counter flashings at chimneys.
  10. Age of your roof is 20+ years old.


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