Warning Signs of Roof Failure

Warning Signs of Roof Failure

Look for...

  1. Shingles that curl on ends.
  2. Shingles that show signs of buckling
  3. Shingles that are missing altogether.
  4. Roof debris in gutters and yard.
  5. Excessive amounts of granules in your gutters.
  6. Frequent roof damage due to winds.
  7. Leaking at roof penetrations, vent pipes, and skylights.
  8. Signs of leaks at wall-ties and chimneys.
  9. Loose metal counter flashings at chimneys.
  10. Age of your roof is 20+ years old.

How to Hire a Contractor

A new roof is a big job and a big investment. That's why we strongly recommend that you hire a professional roofing contractor who can offer proven experience, a written estimate and worry-free installation. To make sure you're choosing the best, use this checklist before you sign a contract:

Does the contractor...

  1. Have a good reputation? Check for references and call a few of them. Check with Better Business Bureau or local Chamber of Commerce.
  2. Have adequate insurance coverage? Protect your home from accidental damage? Request a copy of their insurance certificates.
  3. Thoroughly inspect your roof? Including flashing chimney, soil stacks, other roof penetration, deck, plus attic?
  4. Provide a written estimate? Including an accurate description of the work to be performed.
  5. Explain the entire roof system? Your roof is a series of components that work together; you should know all about them.
  6. Explain reasons for tearing off versus nailing over the existing roof? Local codes determine the maximum number of roof-overs.
  7. Apply underlayment to the wood deck? Additional waterproofing underlayment might be needed if ice damming, wind-driven rain or collected or flowing water might be a problem.
  8. Apply shingles according to manufacturer's specifications?
  9. Commit to supervise the job during all phases of work and inspect it completely when finished?
  10. Thoroughly clean up your roof and around your house when finished? Remove all surplus material?
  11. When asked, clearly explain both the workmanship and manufacturer's warranty and what the warranty covers?
  12. Use quality roofing materials from well known and reputable manufacturers?
  13. Have a good credit rating?